The cuts to display a maximum of volume

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The cuts to display a maximum of volume

Messagepar wigshumanhair » Lun 18 Juin 2018, 08:50

Do not get discouraged, having flat hair is not inevitable! Some cuts can bring volume. Once the material of the hair and the desired effect well identified, it is enough to degrade.

Yes, it is possible to have volume when you have long hair! "The volume does not depend on the length of the hair but on the gradient, which is essential if you have fine hair and you want a lot of volume, but the hair should not be too degraded. on the top, the tips will appear even finer.The problem is that it always degrades to the detriment of something.Dégrader does not mean to give material.

To define which cut to adopt, your hairdresser must identify the material of your hair. "Whether smooth, curly or wavy, it's the job of the hairdresser lace front wigs to define and see what a cut could bring as volume.All is a question of dosage, between the desire for volume and the material to the A good hairdresser will always avoid too much degradation so that the customer does not end up with a 70s ball cut on the head! "
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