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be something he learns

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Don Juan Moore/Getty ImagesPOSITIVES鈥擧as faced NFL talent in games and practice for the last two years as a starter for Alabama's offensive line.鈥擧as size and stature (6'5" Tyron Smith Jersey , 316 lbs) that can handle NFL physicality inside.鈥擬ental processing is above-average and will prepare him for NFL rigors of.鈥擟an match power with power at the point of attack.鈥擟ompetitive toughness is clear and shows up in big games.聽 聽 聽 聽 聽NEGATIVES鈥擫imited athlete who may not have the movement skills to reach NFL linebacker speed.鈥擠oesn't drive out of his stance with purpose and will set himself behind in the rep early.鈥擯ushes far too often rather than latching on and driving behind his hands and hips.聽鈥擰uick sets are far too slow and will leave him lunging on the interior.鈥擡lects to wall off defenders rather than explode through them and doesn't have the routine finishes he should.聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽OVERALLBradley Bozeman is a two-year starter along Alabama's offensive line. That holds weight with NFL talent evaluators. Teams won't have to worry what sort of coaching or expectations Bozeman has been operating under. He has the technical proficiency to be a long-term backup, but his athletic ability appears to cap out below the NFL threshold and will have to be something he learns to mask with technique.聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽GRADE: 5.60 (Round 6)PRO PLAYER COMPARISON: Max Garcia Jessie Bates III Jersey , Denver Broncos POSITIVES鈥擡xplosive vertical threat who projects well in the slot.鈥擧as the speed to chew up yards and take the top off a defense.鈥擡xperienced kick returner with a 92-yard touchdown on his resume.鈥擠oes a great job finding zones and could be a dangerous threat on option routes in the pros.鈥擧andled a big role in an all-pass offense and never backed down from the spotlight.聽 聽 聽NEGATIVES鈥擲hort and small (5'9 戮", 181 lbs) frame.鈥擟an get pushed around in his route tree and has to be protected by his alignment pre-snap.鈥擱an in a scheme dominated by space and hasn't been asked to make plays in traffic.鈥擲mall frame and timid style of play had one scout tell us he's soft.鈥擳eams are concerned about durability in the pros.聽 聽 聽聽OVERALLKeke Coutee is a fun prospect with the speed and stretch game to be an asset in an offense that needs a vertical player in a three- or four-receiver set. He does bring value as a kick returner Cheap Taven Bryan Jersey , but a small frame and questions about toughness hurt his grade.聽 聽 聽GRADE: 5.95 (Round 4)PRO PLAYER COMPARISON: Tyler Lockett, Seattle Seahawks.
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