Wood flooring renovation so stress?

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Wood flooring renovation so stress?

Messagepar Qizhenbi » Mer 14 Mars 2018, 05:30

<P>There is not a fixed deadline for how long a floor needs to be refurbished. Some floor if the daily maintenance of very careful, there is no major problems, then even with a decade, do not need to refurbish; and some without the maintenance of the floor, a few years there was a paint, cracking, etc. If we do not expeditiously deal with the problems, the damage will be aggravated.</P>
<P>There are two approaches to retrofitting an old floor. One is for the construction workers to refurbish directly at home, the other is to remove the floor and then be refurbished by the manufacturer before being returned to the installation. Direct renovation at home takes 8-10 days, remove the floor to get the factory renovation, a total of about 10-15 days. The first approach is more common, but in the construction process, dust, noise pollution is more serious. The second method of renovation better, but also more troublesome, higher wages.</P> "pelekat luaran plastik kayu hiasan,radio de curvatura del tablero del doblador 2x4,panel poliuretana hiasan luar"
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