Caring for others key part of Easter

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Caring for others key part of Easter

Messagepar linxiaoxue » Mar 17 Avr 2018, 11:21

I have no doubt that most of you are thinking about the same reality that I am thinking about today. After all, it is a Saturday and Saturday (in Sudbury and throughout Canada) is “Hockey Night.”
But this is Steve Young Youth Jersey not just any Saturday. No, this day is special due to its association with “Mr. Hockey,” a person who was an ambassador for the sport over many decades. Yes, were he alive today, Paul George Jersey Womens this would have been Gordie Howe’s 90th birthday.
“Now wait a minute, Bill,” I can hear someone shouting at the newspaper. “This is Easter weekend, the holiest weekend of the Christian calendar, and you are pushing us to think about hockey?”

The truth is I am pushing no one to think about hockey. I do know, however, that for some people, the anniversary of Howe’s birth, and the NHL games to be played tonight that have an important impact on the upcoming playoffs, will be front and centre in their attention.

Due to the fact I will be participating in a worship service almost every day this week, and sharing in worship at Church of the Epiphany this evening, I have absolutely no time tonight to think about hockey, much less watch any televised games.

Easter weekend is a holy time for Christians. As a minister, I get so immersed in the activities of the church during this week that I am in danger of forgetting another world is out there – a world where people have different concerns and pursue alternative activities, including hockey.

At the same time, I ignore others’ interests and needs at my peril. We are lost as churches, as ministers, even as individual Christians (or people of any faith), if we assume that everyone thinks and acts the way that we do. We need to be able to hear others’ passions, others’ desires, and others’ needs. That is called Authentic Manu Ginobili Jersey ministry. Being blind to the interests and concerns of others does not make us more pious, only less La'el Collins Youth Jersey caring.

Isaac Munday, a United Church minister whose father David is a former minister at St. Andrew’s United on Larch Street, writes about ministry in a Lenten study book this way: “(M)inistry doesn’t happen unless we’re ready to turn to the people around us and rely on how God is living and moving and breathing through them.”
As one who grew up in Sarnia, the only television stations we got through our TV antenna came from Detroit. I got to cheer for Detroit Red Wing players like Ted Lindsay, Alex Delvecchio, and, yes, Gordie Howe. In summer, I felt that I knew such baseball players as the Tigers’ Al Kaline, Norm Cash and Willie Horton personally.

Sports were a passion, but not the essence of life. I grew up in a home where what I believed, how I treated others and the ways that I served society counted more. There usually was time to enjoy life, but there must be time to think about others.

So what is your excitement for this Saturday? It might be a day of family activities, or children’s sports. It might be a day to gather in food, or to plan a car trip to see relatives. It might be a day for personal celebrations, or to think about April Fool’s Day.

For Christians, this is Holy Saturday, the day before the holiest day of the faith calendar, but unless it includes care for others, and an interest in others’ passions within their lives, we may be guilty of holding onto a faith that fails to Oscar Dansk Authentic Jersey connect with others.

In the promise of the season, may this be a day for new life for each and every one of you. Happy Easter to all.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
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