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To clear room Monday,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Indianapolis released running back Dion Lewi from the active roster and guard Josh Walker from the practice squad.

The 6-foot-4,Wholesale China Jerseys, 294-pound Quarles was waived by New England on Aug. 31. The undrafted rookie originally signed with the Giants in May. He could help fill the void left by defensive lineman Arthur Jones,Adidas NHL Jerseys China, who sustained a high right ankle sprain in Monday night's 30-27 loss to Philadelphia.
Arkin played in one game with Miami last season and was Dallas' fourth-round pick in 2011,NFL Jerseys China.
Indy (0-2) signed Lewis last week. Walker,Cheap Air Max 95, an undrafted rookie,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, was signed by the Colts in May.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Colts have signed defensive tackle Kelcy Quarles to the active roster and guard David Arkin to the practice squad.
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