That type of vertical mill is suitable for processing kaolin

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That type of vertical mill is suitable for processing kaolin

Messagepar crushermachine » Lun 29 Juil 2019, 07:56

Processing kaolin micro-powder process, which is suitable for processing kaolin? Kaolin is an industrial basic raw material. Its deep-processing products are widely used in more than 60 industrial fields such as papermaking, medicine and aerospace, and occupy an important position in national economy and national defense construction. . Kaolin minerals are composed of kaolinite minerals such as kaolinite, dickite, pearlite and halloysite. The main mineral component is kaolinite. The crystal chemical formula of kaolinite is 2SiO2 ● Al2O3 ● 2H2O, and its theoretical chemical composition is 46.54% SiO2, 39.5% Al2O3, and 13.96% H2O. The kaolin mineral belongs to the 1:1 type layered silicate. The crystal is mainly composed of a silicon tetrahedron and a hydrogen octahedron. The silicon tetrahedrons are connected in a two-dimensional direction by a common apex angle to form a hexagonal arrangement. In the mesh layer, the unapproved apex oxygen of each silicon oxytetrahedron is oriented to one side; the 1:1 type unit layer is composed of the silicon oxide tetrahedron layer and the oxygen octahedral layer of the common siloxane tetrahedral layer.
SBM heavy machine grinding equipment technology ranks at the domestic leading level. In the kaolin processing technology, the limestone vertical roller mill produced by SBM heavy machine performs deep processing on kaolin. Because the mill technology produced by our company is mature, the production capacity is strong, breaking The raw material does not play the bottleneck of kaolin deep processing, and provides high-quality and efficient milling equipment for domestic Daxin kaolin processing enterprises.
As one of the domestic large-scale mill manufacturers, SBM heavy machine is a R&D and manufacturing enterprise of mining machinery and equipment such as crusher, vertical roller mill, sand making machine, etc. The grinding equipment produced meets the needs of social development in kaolin processing and production. It has been well received in the industry. The kaolin clay processing equipment designed and produced is designed and updated on the basis of the old-fashioned mill. It is especially suitable for the processing of kaolin powder.
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