Sand maker plays an important role in production line

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Sand maker plays an important role in production line

Messagepar kathryn » Ven 27 Avr 2018, 09:39

For a complete machine-made sand production line, different types of equipment will play different roles in sand production. In order to meet the product demand of the mechanism sand production line, it is necessary to select the sand making machine with plastic function, such as the VSI series sand maker, vsi5x, vsi6x and so on. When the machine is used, the machine is mainly processed after the fine-grained material is processed, and the sand making process is completed, so as to obtain the better grain product.

After analyzing the function of the sand making machine in the mechanism sand production line, we will give a detailed description of the links contained in the production process, which are mainly rough break, medium sieving, fine-grained screening and cleaning and removing impurities, and the equipment required for different links is different. These links are analyzed.

1. coarsely, this link is the processing link of the material in the mechanism sand production line. The general mining material is delivered to the jaw crusher by the feeder evenly and crushed to the required granularity, and the belt conveyer is sent to the next broken link after the grain size. The analysis can see that the equipment needed in this production link is jaw crusher. According to different needs, different types of equipment can be selected.

2. medium and broken screening, this is in the mechanism sand production line is located in the processing link after the coarse crushing, the coarse crushed stone particles are sent to the cone crusher or the counter crusher to be crushed by the belt conveyor. The grain size is sent to the circular vibrating screen to be sieved. The size of the particle size satisfies the requirements to the next link and does not meet the required back cones. Crusher or counter crusher continues to break, this link is circulate, can guarantee the uniformity of the finished product particles, and the link needs to select taper or reverse type or model, is also based on production needs.

3. fine crushing and screening, generally speaking, the link in the mechanism sand production line is mainly in the middle of the position, the equipment needed to be used in this link is the sand machine we mentioned, the machine is fine and plastic for the material after the broken, and the round vibrating screen is sieved after fine crushing, and the size of the machine is properly sent to the next ring. Section, is not suitable to be returned to the sand making machine to continue to crush, this cycle processing process is also to guarantee the finished product particle uniformity.

4. cleaning and removing impurities, this link is generally out of the end of the whole process of the whole mechanism sand production line process. The qualified sand and stone particles in front of the process are sent to the washing machine for cleaning and removing impurities. After the cleaning, the sand stone is dehydrated and dried to be the finished product we need.

The article mainly introduces the effect of sand making machine in the production line of mechanism sand. It not only introduces its specific function in detail - making sand and shaping, but also analyzes the general contents of the four stages contained in the production process. In this production process, the equipment can be configured according to the different production requirements and is more flexible.
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