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Cheap NBA Jerseys China

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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah ape who gained national fame by accurately predicting the Super Bowl winner seven consecutive years has died,Air Max 97 Womens.
Eli was born Topeka,Atlanta Hawks Jerseys, Kansas,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, zoo and moved to Utah in 2004.
He made his Super Bowl pick each year by choosing between papier-mache helmets or goal posts with team logos. Last year, he swiftly knocked down a helmet bearing the Seahawks logo. Sure enough, the Seahawks defeated the Broncos.
The Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City announced Tuesday that the 24-year-old orangutan named Eli died Saturday from complications due to breast cancer,wholesale jerseys.
He was diagnosed with the cancer in 2011,Cheap Jordan Sneakers Wholesale, and had two surgeries to remove masses. Recently,Nike Huarache Shoes For Sale, he lost his appetite and was acting as if he were uncomfortable. He died during an exploratory procedure.
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