Easy Sewing Tips For Silk Fabric

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Easy Sewing Tips For Silk Fabric

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Easy Sewing Tips For Silk Fabric

To work with some fabrics can be a little difficult sometimes and you have to show lots of patience and enthusiasm to keep going. One of those kinds of fabric is silk. You must have several questions in mind that it’s quite difficult to sew silk and of course when you have to deal with the slippery problem of the fabric as well. Start your work with the best basic sewing machine for beginners or visit Image CraftsSelection.com to learn more about these machines.

If you want to attempt some project which is based on silk fabric then you don’t have to worry anymore because we are here to help you out. We are giving out tips to make it easy for you to sew with the silk and for the next time, you will love working with the silk.

Fabric Preparation:

For the fabric preparation, you must know what kind of garment you have in your hands and then work accordingly. Now we are talking about silk then let me tell you it’s necessary to prepare the silk before you attempt to sew it. There are several machines through which you can wash your silk or if you want to do it by hand, it’s good too.


Sewing Tips For Silk Fabric

The major benefit you are going to have at the time of pre-washing silk is that you don’t have to go through the problem of watermarks again. The pre-washing will make your fabric calm and now you can work in peace without any fear of marks on your fabric.


Never put your fabric under the needle without testing it out. Sometimes your machine gets back to the old settings as it was and as soon as you start sewing it will be ruined because the settings are not the same anymore. In this case, take a small piece of silk and test it under the needle of your sewing machine to check whether the settings of the machine are according to your work or not?

Before you start creating real-time projects on the silk fabric, it’s recommended to keep practicing and move forward. One day you will be perfectly okay with sewing and with difficult fabric like silk as well. If your settings are not up to the mark then you have to set them again and check the stitch settings again on the rough patch.

Weights and Pins

As we all know silk is a lightweight fabric and slippery as well so what do you think we should do to make it work? Weights and pins are an important part of every project for the sewer. No matter what we are sewing but we need to adjust the weight and nature of the fabric. For the silk first, you need to apply the pins at several places to pin down or tamed the fabric.

Another thing you need to focus on at the time of sewing with the silk is to keep the weights on the fabric. By keeping the weight at the time of sewing, your fabric will be balanced and will not create a problem at the time of stitching.

French Seam:

It is going to be the hardest thing for you to finish the seam or to sew it. Silk is quite resistant to it and you have to use things to calm the silk. This is the perfect time to use the French seam. If you want your seam to be perfectly okay and you don’t want to get yourself into any more complications then our recommendation is to go for the French seam and save yourself.


For the perfect stitching, your sewing machine must be perfect and if you need a guide, read Best Entry Level Sewing Machines For Beginners You Should Buy Image you will find interesting and practical sewing tips here.

Tissue Sheets:

Another thing one should do when sewing with silk is to use tissue sheets under the fabric. If you don’t have weight then you can use tissue sheets from your home. Keep tissue under the silk and it will prevent the silk from slipping again and again from the table. You can do it for the double layer as well.

Keep the tissue sheet in between two later and they won’t slip. Tissue sheets are for the budget sewers who want to apply tricks without going out shopping. This is the quickest one.


The best thing you can do to control the silk fabric is to use the stabilizer on it. Of course, silk is too soft to handle, and to control the silk or to make it less hard for the time being, you can use a stabilizer on it. The stabilizer is going to make things a little settled for you and from the sewing to the ironing, you can do anything without any bigger problem. Don’t use it too much as it will dim the shine of your clothes and you have to wash it again.

Sharp Objects:

Another thing every beginner should have in mind is to use sharp tools for silk sewing. Silk can be damaged easily and if you are not using sharp supplies then its appearance will be ruined at the time of cutting. We recommend you use a rotary cutter for the cutting to avoid damage to the fabric.

You must use a sharp needle as well to pin down the fabric. Push pins must be new and rust-free because if you are going to use rusted needles then your fabric will get that color as well.

After completing your practice at a Image good beginner sewing machine, if now you want to move on to the next level, think about a coverstitch machine and figure out how a coverstitch machine can be a great machine to buy for sewing silk.


Silk is absolutely an amazing and favorite fabric of the majority of people for wearing but for the seamstress/tailor it’s difficult to sew as well. Sometimes it takes a long time to sew silk but if you will follow some of the basic tips then you can save yourself from the troubled situation while working.
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