All kinds of solid wood floor maintenance law

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All kinds of solid wood floor maintenance law

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<p>The engineered wood floor retains the comfortable footfeeling and natural wood grain of the solid wood floor. When picking, we should pay special attention to the quality of the floor panel. The solid wood composite wood floor is divided into three layers of solid wood composite floor and multi-layer solid wood composite floor. Three kinds of new solid wood composite flooring, because it is formed by cross-laminating the plates of different tree species, thus overcoming the disadvantages of unidirectional homogeneity of solid wood flooring, low shrinkage and swelling rate, good dimensional stability, and retention The natural wood grain and comfortable foot feel of solid wood flooring.</p>
<p>The surface of solid wood laminate flooring is high-quality precious wood, which not only retains the beautiful and natural wood grain characteristics of solid wood flooring, but also greatly saves the resources of high-quality precious wood. Most of the surface is coated with more than five layers of high-quality UV coating, not only has the ideal hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, but also flame-retardant, smooth, easy to clean. Most of the core layers are fast-growing wood that can be cut down in turn, and materials with a wide range of cheap, small-diameter materials, hard and soft materials, etc., can be used, and the rate of production is high and the cost is greatly reduced. Its elasticity, warmth, etc. are also as good as solid wood flooring.</p> "composite construction gazebo design,biggest composite decking company,garden wall paenl wood "
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