Different floor antifouling articles

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Different floor antifouling articles

Messagepar Qizhenbi » Lun 13 Août 2018, 09:30

<p>After a long period of use, the natural varnished solid wood floor or the oil waxed solid wood floor will have dirt that is difficult to remove by ordinary cleaning methods. There are different solutions for different situations.</p>
<p>Natural varnished solid wood flooring: The local board becomes difficult to clean due to a lot of fouling. It can be mixed with degreasing agent and warm water at 25°C. Before using degreaser, the floor should be fully cleaned. For floors that are heavily insulted, the surface of the solid wood floor should be polished off and then repainted, but this method should be a last resort, because grinding will inevitably make the floor thinner.</p>
<p>Oil wax solid wood flooring: If there is a large area of ​​stain on the floor, you can use a grinding machine with a dry soft polishing pad to handle, in order to maintain the same gloss, but must be painted on the floor surface light oil wax within 4 hours, After that, let the floor dry naturally for 16-24 hours.</p> "patio rope railing in yukon,wooden deck floor panels,wood cladding garden wall "
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