In autumn, different floor maintenance methods

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In autumn, different floor maintenance methods

Messagepar Qizhenbi » Lun 13 Août 2018, 09:45

<p>Laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of composite materials, namely wear layer, decorative layer, high density substrate layer, balance (moisture-proof) layer. Qualified laminate flooring is one or more layers of specially impregnated thermosetting amino resins. Covered on the surface of substrates such as high-density boards, the back side plus balanced moisture barrier, front plus decorative layer and wear layer are heat pressed.</p>
<p>Strengthen the advantages of the floor: 1, wear-resistant. 2. Varieties of flowers and colors are fashionable. They can simulate various natural or artificial patterns. 3, easy care: In daily use, just use a wrung rag, mop or vacuum cleaner to clean, if the floor appears greasy, stains, wipe with a cloth dipped in detergent. 4. Compared with solid wood flooring, the wear-resistant layer on the most surface of the laminate flooring is specially treated to achieve high hardness, that is, the use of sharp hard objects such as keys to scratch, will not leave traces.</p> "using the wood plastice composite in the airport,great lakes wood floors install instructions,how to put the choice deck on a pontoon boat "
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