Reason analysis of fineness of Raymond mill equipment

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Reason analysis of fineness of Raymond mill equipment

Messagepar crushermachine » Ven 02 Août 2019, 05:31

Raymond Milling Equipment is the most commonly used in the milling industry. There are various problems encountered in the course of their work. Some users have asked us that the material fineness of the raymond mill has not reached the standard. Due to the grinding equipment manufacturers, Shisheng customers often ask about the difference in the fineness of the milling, sometimes. Some of these new customers are particularly familiar with the use of technology.
Shi Sheng suggested that if you encounter such a problem, take a look at the following method (the technical parameters of Raymond Milling Equipment, generally based on limestone):
A. Reasons for grinding materials: the purity of abrasive materials of different materials is different;
B. Effect of feed rate:
1: too much feed
2: Insufficient feed
3: Effect of feed size
Fan flow 4: size, larger air volume, coarser, and, conversely, smaller grain size.
Specifically, if the hardness of the material is large, the fineness of the material will be greater. Operated. Users of Raymond Milling Equipment know that when it is in operation, if too much feed will cause blockage of the throttle, blockage of the throttle will result in a drop in production. If the feed is too small, the wind will be too large and the particle size will be large, so it is best to know the fineness of the feed. Another reason is the adjustment of the fan, resulting in a large particle size meeting, the fan's air volume, but the size is good. Therefore, if the grain size of the Raymond grinding equipment is not standard, it can be adjusted by the fan.
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